Spiritual Gifts part 234: Abraham and the role time plays in maturing faith.

Rom 4:16-19; Heb 6:11-15; Gen 12:1-5;17:1; Hos 6:1-3.

ROMANS-352-120229 - length: 61:12 - taught on Feb, 29 2012

Class Outline:

John Farley
February 29, 2012


Respect for the teaching of the word of God demands your concentration and undivided attention.


Therefore please refrain from talking or moving around while the word of God is being taught.

Spiritual Gifts Part 234: Abraham teaches us the importance of time for spiritual growth.

The progress of Abraham’s life of faith in the God who does the impossible is vividly set before us in the word of God as our example.

Abraham teaches us to stop keeping our eyes on self, our situation, our inability - and to lift up our eyes and keep them on our all-powerful, completely able God.

We often think about Abraham’s journeys in the natural realm.  
But he ALSO walked a difficult, long-suffering, God-glorifying path of FAITH.

There was a conflict, a trial, a test of faith. Abraham takes his stand with the Lord. And the Lord reveals something new about Himself.

The LORD Most High - GEN 14:18
The All-Sufficient God - GEN 17:1
The LORD the God of Eternity - GEN 21:33
The LORD will Provide - GEN 22:14
The LORD, the God of Heaven and Earth - GEN 24:3

As you continue in the lifestyle of faith, God starts to reveal Himself to you - and His Son IN you!- in more intimate ways.

Abraham teaches us to respect the vital element of TIME in maturing us in the spiritual life.