A very versatile verb.

John Farley
December 4, 2016



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Practical Christianity:

A very versatile verb

When James talks about faith, he is referring to our faith as it is practiced in our daily lives after salvation.

NOT for redemption or eternal life.

Jam 2:18-26

Two people provide the context for faith in James 2:18-26. They are Abraham, and Rahab the harlot.

They trusted in Yahweh to come through for them concerning a need they had for their earthly life.

Gen 22:15-18

What the Lord promised Abram on the basis of faith in Genesis 15,…

He now blesses Abraham with in a greatly enlarged measure in Genesis 22,

on the basis of what Abraham DID, because Abraham OBEYED the voice of the Lord.

And these blessings are all earthly in nature.

2Pe 1:10-11

In Rahab’s case, it was she and her family who were threatened with death.

Jos 2:11-14

Heb 11:31

There are no issues involving eternal salvation here.

The issues are being saved from physical death, not the second death.

But what is just as significant, if not more so, is what is not mentioned in James.

Things which do pertain to eternal salvation.

Eternal Life
The death of our Lord Jesus
His burial
The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
The blood of Christ
In Christ

They are not found anywhere in the letter of James.

James simply does not address eternal salvation in this letter.

Jam 2:14-17

He is called an “all-purpose” back.

Jim Kick

Walter Peyton

The word “save” in Jam 2:14


Sozo is an “all-purpose” Greek verb.
It has a wide range of meaning.

It can be used in several different ways.
It is a versatile verb.

You cannot blindly assume that sozo always refers to eternal salvation.

In the New Testament, about half the time it does not mean being redeemed from our sins.

The word sozo is found in Heb 7:25 and it tells us something remarkable.

Heb 7:23-25



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