Four winds of false doctrine.

John Farley
August 13, 2017

Four winds
of false doctrine

Col 2:6

Paul asks the Colossians
one question
in this letter.

This question indicates where his concern reached a fever pitch.

Col 2:20-23

1. They don’t work. They are of no value against fleshly indulgence.

2. They have been presented to the Colossians as having religious significance.

Where is the mind of the man who adopts these practices of Colossians 2 as his religious manner of living?

On the world, and on himself.

3. Those who follow these decrees are NOT setting their mind on the things above, where Christ is!

Col 2:19

These self-made religious practices are inserting themselves as counterfeit substitutes for walking in Christ .

The cure is found right where the disease is described.

Col 3:1

The simplicity of devotion to Christ, who is THE way, THE truth, and THE life.

Jesus condemned the Pharisees for enslaving the people with their own self-made religion.

Mat 23:23-24

You have neglected the weightier matters.

Mat 12:1-14

1. Worldly philosophies
2. Legalism
3. Mysticism
4. Asceticism

1. Description
2. Definition
3. Current threats
4. Solution – Christ!

The supremacy of Christ

This study will be about the false and the true.

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