What is truth?

John Farley
August 27, 2017


What is truth?

Col 2:8-10

  1. Worldly philosophies
  2. Legalism
  3. Mysticism
  4. Asceticism


  1. Description
  2. Definition
  3. Current threats
  4. Solution – Christ!

The pre-eminence, supremacy,
and all-sufficiency
of Christ


The controversy of Colossians

Lies that attempt to rob Christ of His Pre-eminence, Supremacy, and/or All-Sufficiency

The lies

False versus true

Describes the Problem

Presents the Solution

Worldly Philosophy


Col 2:4

Col 2:8

Col 2:2-3

Col 2:9-10


Righteousness (salvation and sanctification)

Col 2:16-17

Col 2:11-14, Col 2:17

Col 3:5-17



Col 2:18-19

Col 1:15-20

Col 1:25-29

Col 2:19



Col 2:20-23

Col 2:6-7

Col 2:20a

Col 3:1-4


This study will be about the false and the true.

1. Worldly philosophies

(false knowledge)

Col 2:4,8

2. Legalism

(false righteousness: salvation & sanctification)

Col 2:16-17

3. Mysticism

(false worship)

Col 2:18-19

4. Asceticism

(false spirituality)

Col 2:20-23

#1. Philosophy: “the love of wisdom”.


Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of truth, reality, knowledge, beauty, and ethics.

Col 2:4,8

Philosophy asks good questions.

All the right answers are in the Bible!

There is the wisdom from above, and then there is another wisdom that is earthy, natural, and demonic.

Jam 3:13-17

There is what the Bible teaches about the subjects of philosophy….

…and then there is everything else –
which is either
man-made or demonic.

Joh 18:37-38

What is truth?
Your answer to that question determines your philosophy.



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