Have the same care for one another.

John Farley
November 10, 2019




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Have the same care for one another

1co 12:20-26

In verses 14-19, Paul addresses those saints who felt that their gift was inferior.

In verses 21-26, Paul pivots to speak to those who had a superiority complex.

They boasted about themselves and thought little of what the others contributed.

The more prominent members (the eyes, the head) cannot dismiss the blue-collar members (hands, feet) as having no value to them.

But the eye cannot do what the hands can do. And the head cannot do what the feet can do.

The eyes and the heads of the church usually get special treatment.

With our human bodies, the body parts that seem on the surface to be “weaker” are actually the most necessary.

The Greek word for “weaker” means lacking ability, helpless, incapable, afflicted, or dishonored.

1co 1:26-29

He has gone out of His way to make sure the body includes such weak things.

Paul used this same term “weakness” in describing himself.

1co 2:1-5

So they would experience the power of God in the words he spoke.

2co 12:7-10

1co 12:23-24

Unpresentable organs are shown a special modesty or covering (clothing).



In fact, how a body part looks bears no relationship to its real value to the body.

See if you can live without a heart or your lungs or your stomach or liver.


In fact, the entire digestive system is pretty much a visual horror show!


 These unpresentable organs are hidden, but they are essential to the survival of the human body.

When it comes to the church, the problem is our human perception: WE see something as honorable or presentable.

We should give honor and recognition to the contributions of the saints whose gifts function behind the scenes.

The world gives its praise and honor to the most prestigious people.



Those who flaunt their gifts or prestige are often much less indispensable than faithful, hard-working, humble, prayerful saints.

Saints who have disabilities, illnesses, great poverty, great suffering -these are usually the most precious members of the body.

Rom 5:3-5

The body of Christ is starving for saints who live out the message of the gospel by bearing up under sorrows.

1co 12:24-26

The Holy Spirit distributes gifts to the saints to give more abundant honor to those whom society brands as dishonorable.

Why? So all members would receive equal recognition and honor.

God has distributed the gifts so that there would be NO DIVISION in the body.

To attend to the needs of others. To make sure no one is ignored.

The congregation was coming apart, not coming together.

He ridicules this behavior by showing that even the human body cares for itself!

How much more ought the members of the body of Christ care for one another?

In the body of Christ, no one suffers alone.

Rom 12:15-16

How much happiness and joy and tender compassion we will share when we routinely treat each other this way.



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