Always abounding in the work of the Lord.

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
July 19, 2020

Always abounding in the work of the Lord

1Co 15:54-58

“therefore” - everything that Paul has taught them about the resurrection of the dead in chapter 15.

Hardly any verbs in chapter 15 are in the imperative mood.

1Co 15:33-34

Verses 33-34 serve as a warning.

Verse 58 serves as encouragement.

The cross was the answer to their wickedness.

Now we can see everything about our lives in view of our glorious hope, our resurrection.

God places tremendous value on our human bodies.

Rom 8:23

1Co 15:58

“Therefore” takes us from teaching to practice. From knowing things to doing things.

Rom 6:8-13
Rom 12:1

1Co 6:19-20

What we do with our bodies matters to the Lord.

2Co 5:9-10

Settled, steady, steadfast. Metaphor referring to the mind and purpose.

pertaining to not being readily shaken in one's opinions or beliefs - 'firm, steady.'

1Co 16:13-14

The Corinthians were anything but firm in their faith.

1Co 6:19-20

They needed to get a firm grip on the truth of the gospel – especially the resurrection.

1Co 15:1-2

1Co 15:58

The Greek word for toil is kopos. It means to labor to the point of weariness.

1Th 3:5

Paul used kopos as a term for missionary labor, and for activity in the Christian community as a whole.

1Co 15:58

This is the fourth time Paul uses the Greek word for vain here – kenos, which means empty.

1Co 15:13-14

Two times the word kenos describes the object of faith: verses 2 and 14.

1Co 15:10-11

Two times kenos is used in connection with laboring in the work of the Lord: verses 10 and 58.

There is a cause and effect relationship between empty faith and bad behavior.

1Co 15:32

1Co 15:58

The Greek word for “abounding” means to excel.

My cup overflows

1Co 14:12

The work of the Lord is the work of building up and edifying the body of Christ.

It includes the exercise of one’s spiritual gift for the common good.

Rom 12:6-13


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