A wide door of opportunity has opened to me.

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
July 26, 2020

A wide door of opportunity has opened to me

1Co 16:1-9

This opening section of chapter 16 addresses the collection for the saints in Jerusalem, and Paul’s upcoming travel plans.

1Co 15:58

Evangelist. Pastor-Teacher. Leadership. Giving. Mercy. Service. Helps. Teaching. Exhortation.

We are going to see the work of the Lord in action.

1Co 16:1-4

The collection for the saints was a project that Paul had initiated with the Gentile churches he had founded.

The collection “for the saints” was intended for poor Jewish Christians in the Jerusalem church.

Rom 15:26-27

They were to give out of gratitude for the blessings they had received.

1Co 16:2

He wanted each member of the church, no matter how poor, to contribute.

It was to be a voluntary offering, a free response to God’s grace.

It was to be an amount based on whatever success or prosperity the Lord may have blessed them with that week.

No offering plate. No speeches. No gimmicks or emotional appeals. No boastful displays.

Men of their own choosing would gather the offering together and go to Jerusalem to deliver it.

1CO 16:3-4

Paul leaves the entire enterprise in their hands.

This was common practice back then;
it smoothed the way for the emissaries.

He sent this Gentile delegation in the hope of building bonds of unity between Jewish and Gentile believers.

1Co 12:13

1Co 16:4

Paul is not certain that he will accompany them.

The word “fitting” means “advisable”.

1Co 16:5-9

Now Paul reveals his travel plans to the saints in Corinth.


Act 20:1-3

1Co 16:5-9

Pentecost was the Jewish feast of weeks, or Shavuot. It was celebrated in late May or early June.

Early summer was the best time to travel by sea.

In wintertime,
a sea voyage was impossible.

Paul would remain in Ephesus until early summer.

Then he would sail to Macedonia.

Then on to Corinth, where he intended to spend the winter.

The Greek word propempo referred to the support of missionaries.

Acts 19 identifies some of these adversaries.

The Lord opens these doors, and he closes doors too.

Col 4:3-4

Adversity often leads to some of the greatest opportunities for the gospel to bear fruit.


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