The root of all the evils

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
January 3, 2021

The root of all the evils

1Ti 6:6-10

The greatest provision in this life is found in the contentment that comes from knowing and following God’s ways.

Luk 12:15-21

1Ti 6:6

In verse 6, Paul contrasts material gain and spiritual gain.

1Ti 4:8

1Ti 6:7

Verse 7 is true on its face. It’s a simple fact.

Job 1:20-21

Psa 49:16-17

1Ti 6:8

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus revealed the secret to contentment.

Mat 6:24-34

Stop worrying;
trust in our heavenly Father. He will supply all of our needs.

1Ti 6:9

It is not those who are rich but those who want to get rich.


They act like fools and they hurt people – most of all themselves.


The destruction is complete. Final.

1Ti 6:10

“ the love of money is the root of all the evils”

Greed produces devastating results.

Col 3:5 equates greed with idolatry.

Col 3:5

The love of money disqualifies a man for a leadership position in the church.

1Ti 3:2-3

1Ti 6:10

Their lust for wealth blinds them and causes them to veer off course.

They pierce themselves.
These are self-inflicted wounds.

Dissatisfaction. Constant cravings. Emptiness. Worry and anxiety.

Loneliness (think Scrooge). Guilt. Regrets. Fear.

Ecc 5:16-17

Heb 13:5



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