A voice crying in the wilderness

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
February 28, 2021

A voice crying in the wilderness

Joh 1:19-28

The story begins with the public ministry of John the Baptist.

Joh 1:6-8

He had one purpose, only one: to testify about the Light – Jesus Christ.

Joh 1:15

John is preparing the way for the One is coming.

Joh 1:19

Who is this man?

Mar 1:4-6

He baptized them in water for the forgiveness of sins. Who is he?

Mat 3:1-2

All four gospels record the baptism John preached.

Joh 1:19-20

The leaders of the Jews sent a delegation to investigate this John.

He spoke with authority; he baptized for the forgiveness of sins.

Luk 3:15-16

In the first century AD, many Jewish people longed for the promised Messiah.

And there was a rumor making the rounds that John was this Messiah.

Joh 1:20-21

Why did they ask him if he were Elijah or the Prophet?

Mal 4:5

Stop making me into someone I am not.

Joh 1:22-23

The words came from Isa 40:3. Do not ignore that cry.

Joh 1:24-25

He proclaimed a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.

Not a sacrifice in the Temple - a baptism in the wilderness.

Did the scriptures speak of a cleansing from sin , …

one that would prepare the Jews for the return of their Messiah? Yes.

Eze 36:25-27

What was the meaning of all this?

Joh 1:26-28

One whom you do not know. He was the meaning of all this!

He is the Lord whose way John prepared.

The One who would one day cleanse the remnant from all their filthiness and idols.

He is the One who will put His Spirit within them and cause them to walk in His statutes.

John’s baptism was a clear sign that pointed to the One who would come after him.

Joh 1:28

A Jew from Jerusalem would have to cross the Jordan River to get there.



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