Behold, the Lamb of God!

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 7, 2021

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Behold, the Lamb of God!

Joh 1:29-37

And today He appears in Bethany by the Jordan!

The rest of chapter 1 will be about witnesses and introductions.

He already knows
that Jesus is
the Lamb of God and the Son of God.

God, the one who had sent John, told him to be on the outlook for it: a remarkable sign.

Now the event in question was the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

Mar 1:9-11

Joh 1:29

But, in the Old Testament, the sacrifice of a lamb did NOT take away sin.

This was a new revelation from God: both to the Jews - and to John himself.

Jesus said that John was a prophet.
(Mat 11:10)

We have been given the rest of the story concerning this Lamb.

Rev 5:8-10

John was revealing that the ministry of Jesus would be to the entire world.

Joh 1:30-31

Joh 1:27

He had said the same thing before he baptized Jesus.

Mar 1:7-8

Joh 1:30-31

John was a relative of Jesus. So how is it possible that John did not recognize Him??

He knew Jesus, but he had NOT known that Jesus was the One!

He did not know that until he saw the Spirit descending and remaining on Jesus.

John baptized in water so that Jesus would be manifested or revealed to Israel.

Joh 1:32-34

Jesus will perform a greater baptism than John did.

John baptized in water, but He will baptize in
the Holy Spirit.

A profoundly important theme in John: From the lesser to the greater.

From the old to the new.

Joh 1:17

From earthly things to heavenly things.

Joh 3:5-6

The Messiah, the Son of God, is Jesus.

Another day dawns.
Another momentous day.



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