Spiritual gifts part 21: The Spirit has a passionate desire about you.

John Farley
September 2, 2010

Spiritual Gifts Part 21: The Holy Spirit has a passionate desire for you to follow His leading.

The Doctrine of Spiritual Gifts

Point 1: Setting the scene for Paul’s teaching on the Spiritual Gifts.

Point 2. The Giver of the Gifts: The Person and Work of God the Holy Spirit.

Jam 4:5
Or, do you think that the scripture says in an empty manner and to no purpose, The Spirit [Holy Spirit] who has been caused to make His permanent home in us has a passionate desire [to control us] to the point of envy ? [Wuest]

Humility is a state of mind which regards oneself as less important than others and readily submits to authority.

Are we regarding ourselves as less important than others?

Are we readily submitting to authority? Obedient to the authority of the word of God in particular?

Is the cross evident in our activity, whereby we are laying down our life for the Royal Family?

The verb “dwell” is not from the Greek word which means “to take up one’s residence” but rather from a closely allied verb meaning “to cause to take up residence, to send, or to bring to an abode”. (Wuest)

In the outworking of the plan of salvation, there is a subordination among the members of the Trinity.

The Indwelling of God the Holy Spirit refers to the act of God the Father sending the Spirit to take up His permanent residence in the Church Age believer, and this in answer to the prayer of God the Son, Joh 14:16.

Whenever things get crazy and you lose your way, it’s time to head back to the Source.

The source is Christ.

The Holy Spirit has been given to indwell and fill us in order to glorify Christ on earth.

Be occupied, not with the gifts, but rather with the Giver.

The Giver of the spiritual gifts to the church age believer- God the Holy Spirit - is Himself the Gift!

God the Holy Spirit is occupied with the Lord Jesus Christ in this dispensation.

James points to the Person and Work of God the Holy Spirit as the answer to the problem of the attacks of the world, the flesh, and the devil on the Church Age believer.

The Church Age is the intensified stage of the angelic conflict.

The intensified stage of the angelic conflict began the moment that God the Father said to Jesus Christ, “Sit down at My Right Hand until I make Your enemies your footstool”.

God the Holy Spirit did not indwell any believers until the Church Age began at Pentecost.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is also taught in the following passages: Rom 5:5; Rom 8:9; 1Co 6:19; Gal 3:2; Gal 4:6.

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