The Scriptures testify about Me.

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
July 11, 2021

The Scriptures testify about Me

Joh 5:39-47

1. God the Father (verses 32, 34, & 37-38)
2. John the Baptist (verses 33 -35)

3. The works of Jesus (verse 36)
4. The words of Jesus (verse 47)

5. The Scriptures, particularly the writings of Moses (verses 39, & 45-47)

The central issue in verses 39-47 is the willful unbelief of the Jewish leaders.

In verses 39 & 40, Jesus describes that unbelief.

In verses 41-44, Jesus explains the reason why they will not believe.

In verses 45-47, Jesus presents the results of their unbelief.

Joh 5:44
Joh 5:47

We can’t. We won’t.

Joh 5:39-40

Why are you searching the Scriptures? Do you believe what they say?

Rom 9:30-33

They should have been asking WHO the scriptures pointed to!

Joh 6:28-29

Joh 1:44-45

Eternal life can only be received through this One whom God sent – His Son Jesus.

The Old Testament scriptures bore witness of Him.

Luk 24:25-27

Isa 9:6-7

The best commentary on the Old Testament is the New Testament.

Act 13:32-37

Psa 2:7, Isa 55:3; and Psa 16:10 all spoke of Christ the Messiah.

It’s not a matter of can’t (ability);
it’s a matter of won’t (desire).

Joh 5:40-42

First, they did not love God. They rejected the One who came in God’s name.

Joh 7:16-18

As a result, they became suckers for all kinds of false Messiahs.

Mar 13:5-6

What makes your neighbor, your sister, your friend, unwilling to believe in Christ?

Why won’t they?

Joh 5:44

It comes down to this: from whom will a man receive glory?

Do you receive your glory from other people, or do you seek the glory that is from God?

Joh 12:42-43

They couldn’t care less about what God thinks of them.

Joh 5:45-47

Verse 45 must have been a complete shock to them!

But Moses doesn’t praise them.
He accuses them!

Joh 7:19

Moses wrote the Torah: the first five books in the Bible.

The key that opens the door to the entire Old Testament is the person of Christ.

Luk 24:44-45

The testimonies of Moses and Jesus match.

By rejecting Jesus, they were rejecting Moses.

Joh 5:47



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