Five barley loaves and two fish.

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
July 18, 2021

Five barley loaves and two fish

Joh 6:1-13

Chapter 6 follows the same sequence that chapter 5 did:

miracles (6:1-25), followed by controversial teaching (6:26-58).

“after these things” meta tauta
an unspecified amount of time passes.

healings recorded in Mar 1:23-34, Luk 7:1-17, 8:26-56, as well as in Matthew.

The events in Luk 6:1-9:9 occur in the gap between Joh 5:47 and Joh 6:1.


All four gospels record this miracle of feeding 5,000 men with 5 loaves and two fish.

This miracle is also recorded in
Mat 14:13-20, Mar 6:30-43, and Luk 9:10-17.

The miracle took place in a desolate place near the city of Bethsaida. (Mar 6:35, Luk 9:10)


Joh 6:2-3

The crowds were following Jesus because of the signs He was performing.

Luk 9:10-11

Joh 6:3


Joh 6:4

Three Passovers in the public ministry of Jesus: Joh 2:13, 6:4, 11:55.

The Passover feast pointed forward to the death and resurrection of Christ.

Joh 2:19-21
Joh 6:51

Now it’s time for Jesus to challenge His disciples. Who do they believe Jesus is?

They are cannot meet the physical needs of the people - never mind the spiritual needs.

They are going to have to learn to draw from Christ’s unlimited resources.

Joh 6:5-9

Why did Jesus ask Philip this question?

What was the test?

This was a test to find out what if anything Philip learned from the miracle at Cana.

Joh 14:9

Yet he had given the correct answer way back in chapter 1!

Joh 1:44-45

The same problem that Peter had when Jesus invited him to walk on the water.

Mat 14:31

It was a test of Philip’s faith.
Do you believe I am who I say I am?

Joh 6:7

Jesus asked , “Where”.
Philip answered,
“not sufficient”.

“Lord, with man it is impossible – but with YOU all things are possible!”

Num 11:13-15, 11:23

Now we can pick on Philip, but Andrew didn’t do any better!

Joh 6:8-9

This is the same Andrew who had told Peter, “we have found the Messiah!”

Joh 6:10-13

So the number of mouths to feed approached 20,000!

More than abundant: Like the provision of the Messiah in the kingdom.

Jer 31:12



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