When the Christ comes.

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
October 17, 2021

When the Christ comes

Joh 7:25-31

When He first began to teach, they challenged His authority.

Could He be the Messiah?

The first group is skeptical about Him.

The second group is indignant at Him.

The third group ends up believing in Him.

But it is people from Jerusalem, as opposed to Jews in Galilee or the diaspora.

They may also have recalled Jesus’s earlier miracles in Jerusalem.

These Jerusalemites were confused.

They were REALLY surprised that the rulers didn’t stop Him from speaking.

Their beliefs about the Messiah came from their traditions, not the Scriptures.

They THOUGHT they knew. After all, He came from Galilee; everyone knew that.

But they didn’t know the one thing about His origins that really mattered.

I am from heaven.

I came here because My Father sent Me here.

You don’t really know Him!

They couldn’t know who God REALLY is until they believed in the One God sent.

Heb 1:3

Why God sent Jesus…. reveals who God is.

Joh 1:14-18

And yet these people didn’t even know the first thing about Him,

because they didn’t recognize God’s Son when He came to them.

Joh 1:10-13

Joh 7:30-31

The haters, in verse 30.
The believers, in verse 31.

Something was preventing them. They ran into a spiritual brick wall.

This sovereignty and omnipotence now works all things together for good.

His hour would come, in God’s predetermined plan and foreknowledge.

Act 2:22-36

Next Sunday: a short study on the Messiah in the Old Testament scriptures.



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