What do you say about Him?

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 20, 2022

What do you say about Him?

Joh 9:8-17

This miracle proved that Jesus is the Son of God and the Jewish Messiah.

Jesus will not appear in the narrative again until verse 35.

This time, the man who was formerly blind testifies on His behalf.

This is very different from the last time Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath.

In that case, Jesus told them who He was.

Joh 5:16-18

Now chapter 9 records 6 conversations about the miracle worker, Jesus.

  1. The formerly-blind man {“FBM”) and his neighbors, vv. 8-12.
  2. The FBM and the Pharisees , vv. 13-17.
  3. The Jews and the parents of the FBM, vv. 18-23.
  4. The FBM and the Jews, vv. 24-34.
  5. The FBM and Jesus, vv. 35-38.
  6. Jesus and the Pharisees, vv. 39-41.

But will people come to the Light, or choose to remain in the darkness?

Joh 9:8-12

They were astonished! He was blind – and now he can see.

His neighbors needed to know how he regained his sight.

Now they know that a miracle worker healed this man.

The man born blind started out in the dark about who Jesus is.

The man who is called Jesus.

They turn to the local religious leaders: the Pharisees who taught in their synagogues.

Joh 9:13-17

For the first time, we learn that Jesus healed this man on the Sabbath.

But the Pharisees make a huge issue out of it.

He made the clay.
He opened the eyes of the blind man.

The healed man states the truth again, simply and clearly.

This time, the Pharisees divide over the question:
Who is Jesus?

The first group had closed their hearts to Jesus.

The second group is definitely skeptical, but willing to hear more evidence.

Joh 3:1-2

The truth about Jesus forces each man to choose.

Joh 9:39

Do you choose to see just a man making clay on the Sabbath, a law-breaker?

Or do you choose to see the miracle worker, Jesus the Messiah, God’s Son?

They arrogantly and repeatedly ignored the clear evidence that Jesus is from God.

Jesus didn’t break the Sabbath at all. He violated one of their manmade rules.

Joh 7:23-24

This group was the vocal, dominant, powerful wing of the Pharisees.

John documents the progress of individuals in their understanding of who Jesus is.

At first, she saw Jesus simply as a Jewish man.

But after He told her everything about her life, she declared that He was a prophet.

Finally, Jesus tells her that He is the Messiah.

At first, he simply refers to Jesus as a man.

Then he hears Pharisees say that Jesus was not from God.

Joh 9:17

In the face of their unbelief, he realizes that Jesus is a prophet from God.



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