Though I was blind, now I see.

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 27, 2022

Though I was blind, now I see

Joh 9:18-34

Changing water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana.
(chapter 2)

Healing the nobleman’s son. (chapter 4)

Healing the paralytic. (chapter 5)

Feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. (chapter 6)

Walking on water. (chapter 6)

  • The formerly-blind man {“FBM”) and his neighbors, vv. 8-12.
  • The FBM and the Pharisees , vv. 13-17.
  • The Jews and the parents of the FBM, vv. 18-23.
  • The FBM and the Jews, vv. 24-34.
  • The FBM and Jesus, vv. 35-38.
  • Jesus and the Pharisees, vv. 39-41.

Was this man named Jesus from God, or was He a sinner?

The hardened enemies of Jesus (“the Jews”) decide to call on the parents of this man.

The Jews were desperately hoping to hear that he was not born blind.

Joh 9:18-19

The parents volunteered the answer to the first, two-part, question.

Joh 9:20-23

They stopped short of answering the third question.

Their son was born blind. Now he sees. A great miracle has occurred.

The man named Jesus performed the miracle.
He is the Messiah.

The Jews got the answer they feared: the man WAS blind from birth.

Put the man back on the stand and get him to contradict himself or his parents.

Joh 9:24

They were saying in effect: stop lying and tell the truth.

Jos 7:19

Joh 9:25

He’s an excellent witness: he sticks to the facts that he knows.

Joh 9:26

They knew how Jesus opened this man’s eyes. He had already told them.

Joh 9:27

They wanted to trip him up, get him to change his story, recant, come clean…

His next question is full of irony.

The very thought of being Jesus’ disciples sent them over the edge.

Joh 9:28-29

Clearly the Jews meant it as an insult.

They claimed to be the rightful successors of Moses. And in a sense they were.

Mat 23:1-7

The Pharisees brought up Moses in order to ridicule Jesus – and His followers.

Jesus had explained His real relationship with Moses, and with God.

Joh 5:45-47

Moses received the Law;
Jesus fulfilled it.

Luk 24:44

Joh 9:29

Jesus knew where He was from, and He had told them many times.

Joh 8:42-47

THEY were the ones who were not of God.



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