No one will snatch them out of My hand.

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
May 22, 2022

“No one will snatch them out of My hand.”

Joh 10:22-30

What does eternal security mean?

Whoever believes in Christ is saved forever. He has eternal life and can never lose it.

The Feast of Dedication occurred in December.

Today this feast goes by the name of Chanukah.

Jesus had shown them again and again who He really was.

Jesus revealed His identity by His deeds as well as by His words.

Isa 35:5-6

He said He was the Good Shepherd.
He called Himself the Son of Man.

Why would anyone who confessed Him as the Christ be put out of the synagogue (John 9:22)?

Once again, they were setting a trap for Him.

He had told certain individuals in private:

the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:26), and the formerly blind man (John 9:37).

Joh 10:25

His works testified that He was
the Messiah and
the Son of God.

These were miracles that only God could perform.

But the hearts of these Jews were insensitive, and their eyes were dim (Isaiah 6:10).

Joh 10:26

Jesus now returns to the figure of the Good Shepherd.

They were of this world. They were born of the flesh. They were from below.

Joh 3:6

Joh 8:23-24

Despite their persistent unbelief, Jesus will continue to invite them to believe in Him and join His flock.

Joh 10:37-38

Joh 10:27-28

Joh 10:3-4, 14

Joh 10:10

The life that the shepherd came to give His sheep is eternal life.

Joh 10:27-28

Who are these sheep? Who receives eternal life from the Good Shepherd?

Joh 6:37-40

Jesus equates those whom the Father gives Him with those who believe in Him.

Joh 3:16
Joh 5:24
Joh 6:47

Joh 10:27-28

No power in the universe can break the bond between the Good Shepherd and His sheep.

Rom 8:35-39

The life that Jesus shares with His sheep is eternal. It will never end. And it is secure.

The sheep are doubly secure.

To be in the hands of Jesus is to be in the hands of God the Father.

1Pe 1:3-5



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