The works of My Father

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
June 5, 2022

“the works of My Father”

Joh 10:30-39

He and the Father were one:
in the works that Jesus performed,

in knowledge, in love, and in guaranteeing the eternal security of all believers.

Jesus understood that they were never going to believe on the basis of His words alone.

They had tried to kill Him several times, charging Him with blasphemy.

His first appeal back then was to His works as well.

Joh 5:19

The works that I do are the works of My Father.

Joh 5:33-40
Joh 5:46-47

Witnesses to Christ

  • John the Baptist
  • The Father’s works
  • The Father Himself
  • The Scriptures
  • Moses


He will appeal to them one last time, and the appeal will be once again to His works.

Joh 10:31-32

Jesus refers to many good works from the Father. These are more than simply His miracles.

His miracles - but also every other thing He had done in obedience to the Father’s will.

Joh 10:33

He is no longer going to take His stand on the basis of His words alone.

His final appeal to the Jews will be His works, that they are the works of God.

Joh 10:34-35

In verse 34, Jesus cites Psalm 82:6.

Psa 82:6

The Lord is speaking to the rulers and judges in Israel
(from verses 1 &2).

This Hebrew word elohiym can refer to rulers & judges,

either as divine representatives or as reflecting divine majesty and power.

This is not the only place where the Lord refers to men as gods: elohiym.

Exo 4:16

Moses and Aaron were given a divine commission from the Lord.

Jesus was speaking to an audience of rulers and judges: the Pharisees and priests.

Jesus received a unique divine commission from the Father.

Joh 10:36

The Father set Him apart, and sent Him into the world to be the Savior.

Joh 6:39-40

Joh 10:37-38

But if they are the works of God the Father, then you need to believe them.

I gave the blind man His sight.
I healed the lame man.
I forgave the woman caught in adultery.

My works give you one last opportunity to open your eyes and see the power and glory of God in Me.

The fate of the nation was at stake. Would the leaders receive Him as their Messiah?

Joh 1:11

Joh 10:39

The disputes between Jesus and the Jews in chapters 5 through 10 come to a decisive end.



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