I AM… Will you…?

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
August 14, 2022


“I AM ….”
Will you…?

Joh 11:25-27

The resurrection is Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus follows His great “I AM” statement with two additional statements.

The first statement belongs with “ I AM the resurrection”.

The second statement belongs with “I AM the Life”.

What does the resurrection mean?

The body may go into the ground, but it will be raised to life one day.

What does He mean by the Life?

He means the life that never ends:
eternal life.

This good news demands a response, however.
A personal response.

For these things to be true about you, you must respond to the truth about Jesus.

You simply believe in the One who is the Resurrection and the Life.

This is the last I AM statement in the public ministry of Jesus.

Who is Jesus?

Three categories of witness.

1. The Prologue makes a series of statements about “the Word”.

Who is this Word?

2. Various people speak the truth about who Jesus is.

3. Jesus makes statements about Himself. “ I AM…”

“I AM” is the personal name for God - Yahweh in the Hebrew.

Jesus says “I AM” and adds a descriptive phrase.

He is always “the” something.

The one and only.
The embodiment of the thing.

This is who I AM.

What about you?
Who are you?

There is only one right way to respond.

Will you eat THIS bread?

Are you one of My sheep?

Joh 6:35-40

Joh 8:12

Joh 10:7-10

Joh 10:11-14, 10:26-28

Joh 11:25-26

Did you catch how all of the I AM statements ultimately lead to LIFE?

Handout : Jesus Is.



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