Who has believed our report?

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 19, 2023


Who has believed our report?

Joh 12:36-41

The rest of chapter 12, from verses 37-50, provides a summation of Jesus’ ministry.

In verses 37-43, John reflects on the tragic mystery of Jewish unbelief.

In verses 44-50, Jesus summarizes His teaching as the one sent by His Father.

Joh 1:11

John turns to the prophet Isaiah for answers.

Joh 12:37-41

Verse 37 is an apt summary of Jewish unbelief as recorded in the gospel of John.

Miracles will not penetrate the heart that refuses to hear the Word of God.

In verse 38, John says that this Jewish unbelief fulfilled prophecy.

Isa 53:1-3

This is in the fourth Servant Song of Isaiah. The Servant is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The arm of the Lord refers to His power. Here, it refers to the miracles of Jesus.

Joh 12:39-41

John turns to the prophet Isaiah again to explain the problem of Jewish unbelief.

Isa 6:1-10

The Lord commissions Isaiah to speak to the nation of Judah on His behalf.

Isaiah is given a stunning vision of the Lord – Adonay.

Adonay is the proper name of God in the Hebrew Old Testament.

It was a vision of the pre-incarnate Christ! This proves that Jesus Christ is God.

Joh 12:39-41

These verses require careful treatment to avoid drawing false doctrinal conclusions.

The words and works of Jesus provoked unbelief in hearts that were so inclined.

These Jews did not believe (verses 37-38), until, finally,
they could not believe (verses 39-40).

Isaiah heard these words at the beginning of his ministry.

John quoted these words with regard to the end of Jesus’ ministry.

John records the result of Jesus’ public ministry.

This was not the purpose of His public ministry.

Joh 3:16-17

God did not predestine the Jews to unbelief.

They rejected the message of the gospel. They rejected the Son of God.

Finally, the Lord granted their request. He gave them over to their unbelief.

He made it official. He blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts.

Psa 81:11-12

Rom 1:18-25

If they persist in their unbelief, unbelievers face a frightening prospect.



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