“Abide in Me.”

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
October 22, 2023


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Q&A discusson this Thursday Bible study. On the gospel of John and the book of Isaiah.

“Abide in Me.”

Joh 15:1-12

Jesus is the True Vine as opposed to the fruitless vine:
faithless Israel.

Jesus used facts about the natural vine and branches to illustrate spiritual principles.

The vine has but one purpose: to produce grapes.

They cannot bear spiritual fruit unless they abide in Him, and He abides in them.

The general meaning of this word “meno” is “to stay or to remain”.

It commonly meant to stay in a home.

Joh 4:40

It can also mean to remain with someone, or to be united with someone.

1Jo 4:15

In other places, meno means to continue in something, remain steadfast, persevere.

1Jo 4:16

Conversely, things are said to remain in a person ( the word of God, for one).

1Jo 2:24

Joh 15:1-12

In verses 1-6, we find references to the natural vine and its branches.

Jesus intertwines statements about the vine with His teaching on fruit bearing.

Joh 15:4

From verse 7 on, its straight teaching on this subject of spiritual fruitfulness.

Joh 15:2-3

In Joh 15:2-3, Jesus contrasts a believer with an unbeliever.

A branch that does not bear fruit is an unbeliever.

Joh 15:6

Such a one never abided in Christ.

A branch that bears fruit is a believer.

In verses 4-10, Jesus exhorts His disciples to abide in Him so that they will bear fruit.

In verse 11, Jesus reveals the purpose behind what He taught in verses 1-10.

Joh 15:11

Joh 15:5

What is this fruit?

Joh 15:7

So one fruit of abiding is answered prayer.

Joh 14:13

Joh 15:8

Whatever this fruit is, if they bear it they will prove to be His disciples.

Joh 8:31

Joh 13:34-35

The fruit also includes continuing in His word, and
loving one another.

Joh 15:7-12

Another fruit that the Vine produces is joy.

1. Answered prayer.
2. Continuing in His word.
3. Loving one another.
4. Joy.

Gal 5:22-23

Rom 7:4



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