sin and righteousness and judgment

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
December 3, 2023


“sin and righteousness and judgment”

Joh 16:5-15

The fact of sin.
The fact of righteousness.
The fact of judgment.

Full of sin.
Empty of righteousness.

Facing the gaping jaws of a looming judgment.

verses 8-11 describe the one ministry of the Spirit to unbelievers (“the world”).

The Greek word for “convict” is elencho.

(1) To bring to light or expose.

(2) To provide proof or evidence of wrongdoing.

(3) To bring a person to the point of recognizing his wrongdoing.

(4) To express strong disapproval of someone’s actions; to rebuke or reproach.

(5) To penalize for wrongdoing, to discipline with the goal of improvement.

In Joh 16:8-11, the Spirit deals with three things.

The word elencho means something different for each one.

The Spirit’s ultimate purpose is to glorify Christ.

Joh 16:14

Each element should be seen in view of the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Joh 16:8-11

During His public ministry to the world, Jesus spoke about all three.

Concerning sin:

Joh 8:21
Joh 9:39-41
Joh 15:18-25

Concerning righteousness:

Joh 16:10

Jesus brings the disciples into His statement concerning righteousness.

Sin is an affront to the righteousness of God.

Christ vindicated the righteousness of God at the cross.

The Spirit carries the ball as it were on this message.

The disciples – and now the church – confront the world with that fact.

The Spirit directly inspired the apostles.

Since then He has taught this message through the word of God.

Concerning judgment:

Joh 12:30-33

The ruler of this world has been judged at the cross.

Now whole world of unbelievers will face the same judgment as their ruler.

Rev 20:10



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