John Farley
Pastor Teacher
June 9, 2024


Not I, but sin




Not I,
but you.

Christ is the
perfect embodiment of NOT I, BUT YOU.

Rom 5:6-8

There is no greater love than that.

2Co 8:9

He suffered so we could be forgiven.

Eph 1:7

If you want to know what NOT I, but YOU looks like,
simply look to Jesus.

The death and resurrection of Christ also made our spiritual life possible.

1Pe 2:21-24

Jesus bore our sins in His body on the cross.

Yet, He also bore our sins in His body to enable us to live in a completely new way.

We will examine how the “NOT I” attitude works in our spiritual life.

He bore our sins so that we might
(1) die to sin, and (2) live to righteousness.

He died for our sins so we might die to sin.

Sin encompasses
(1) our personal sins; (2) sin in our bodies;
(3) sin as a master.

(1) our personal sins;

(2) sin in our bodies: “the flesh”;

(3) sin as a master:
the bondage of sin.



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