Spiritual Gifts part 280: The 5 Church Age crowns.

John Farley
June 24, 2012

Spiritual Gifts Part 280: The 5 crowns reserved for Church Age believers.

3. Reward:
to each according to his deeds; crowns.
Mat 5:11-12; Mat 10:40-42; Luk 6:35-36; 1Co 3:8-15; Col 3:23-24; Jam 1:12; 2Jo 1:8; Rev 2:10; Rev 22:10-14

The “overcomers” in Rev 2 and 3 fight the good fight and win the race. They win tactical victories in the angelic conflict and receive special rewards at the Bema Seat judgment.

The present active participle of the Greek verb nikao.
to subdue (literally or figuratively): A participle is a verb acting as a noun.
It is in the singular.

nikao speaks of victory after a struggle.

It means ‘to conquer, prevail, triumph, overcome’.

In the NT, nikao speaks of attaining a victory in the angelic conflict after a struggle.

In particular, victory over:
the world;
false teachers;
or the evil one and the kingdom of darkness. Joh 16:33; Rom 12:21; 1Jo 2:13, 4:4; Rev 5:5-6, 12:7-11.

a. The crown of righteousness (2Ti 4:8) is distributed to church age believers who fulfill the plan of God and advance to spiritual maturity.

b. The crown of life (Jam 1:12; Rev 2:10) is given to the spiritually mature believer who passes evidence testing. This crown is given persevering while suffering for the cause of Christ.

c. The incorruptible crown (1Co 9:25) is issued for mastering your own sin nature through applying the power of the cross in their daily lives.

d. The crown of rejoicing (1Th 2:19; Phi 4:1) is distributed for being a soul winner in time.

e. The crown of glory (1Pe 5:4) is awarded to the Pastor-Teacher who was faithful in communicating the mystery doctrine of the church age.



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