The Activity of the Spirit in the Church, Part 36

John Farley
July 7, 2013

The Activity of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Church Age believers, part 36.

Why have we received the Holy Spirit?

For one thing, all inclusively – that the Lord may be able, by means of us, to maintain the testimony in this world while He is away.

And we saw that the nature of this testimony is grace and truth, Joh 1:14-18.

It must become absolutely necessary to us that we either see the Lord in some new way or we perish.

You see, at the moment you and I believed in Christ, God gave us eternal life.

Now that you have eternal life, the whole battle will be over whether or not that eternal life will find expression and manifestation through you.

Never forget that the Bible tells us that for us, for believers, satan is the accuser of the brethren, Rev 12:10.

The Lord has brought His Church into being for the specific purpose of displaying the power of His resurrection.

The condition is death.

In order to display the power of His resurrection, our Lord will very often have to let things in our life get well beyond all human power to deliver us.

This is of course just another way of describing GRACE!

He allows things to get so desperate, so far along, that there is no other power in the universe that can deliver us from the situation….

The power of His resurrection!

The church is the Lord’s vessel for demonstrating the power of His resurrection.

The only way we know for sure it is resurrection power is when it conquers death, something beyond human ability to touch.

Resurrection is God’s act, and God’s alone.

So God will allow His Church and its members from time to time to get into such dire situations as are totally beyond human help, …

… in order that He may take the field and win the day, and display the power that is His alone - resurrection! - so that no man may boast.



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