More certain than death (or taxes).

John Farley
April 23, 2014

More certain than death (or taxes).

4. Grace reigns through Righteousness to Eternal Life in Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 5:1-8:39)

One great way to learn things about a Bible book is to ask: where does it start, and where does it take us?

Romans starts with sin and ungodliness.

It takes us to righteousness, and grace, and life, and glory, and love.

With mountain peaks of righteousness, and grace, and life, and love, and glory.

We have already been in the deepest valley, the valley of human depravity, of sin and death and ungodliness.

But the blood of Christ took us out of that valley, and brought us to the peak of an undeserved freely given righteousness.

“OK, yes, faith is how I GET it (righteousness, justification, salvation)….

… but can I lose it?
How is it KEPT?”

What’s the probation period?
What’s the warranty period?

And the answers are – none, and forever.

Justification by faith secures the final salvation of believers. !

More certain than death or taxes is your salvation.


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