Two Men, Two Acts, Two Results

John Farley
May 14, 2014

Two Men
Two Acts
Two Results

Because there is such a thing as enough…

Then there is more than enough…

But the only way our God knows how to give
Is to give MUCH MORE than enough!!!

So now Christ is much more than enough to enable you to reign as a king or a queen in your life.

God has given you Christ to be the practical answer to your real problems in life.

Col 3:4
When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.


Let us refuse to be content with a Christian existence that cannot finally be summed up as…

“He reigned in life through Jesus Christ,” – over sin, Satan, the world, difficulties, adverse surroundings and circumstances. [Newell]

William Newell’s book Romans: Verse-by-verse.

Death passed to all men not because they sinned, but because Adam sinned.

Condemnation by Adam, justification by Christ.

Adam as our representative head, stood for us, and his sin became condemnation and death to us.

Christ, the other representative Man, by His act of death on the cross brings us justification and life.

The act of the representative, and not of the one represented, brought the result to pass.

Adam and Christ (verse Rom 5:14)

Adam’s transgression
(verses Rom 5:12, Rom 5:15, Rom 5:17, Rom 5:18, Rom 5:19)
and Christ’s death on the cross (verse Rom 5:18)

By Adam = condemnation, judgment, death ( Rom 5:15-16, Rom 5:18-19)
By Christ: justification, grace, life (verses Rom 5:17-19)

Sin –reigned through death (verse Rom 5:17, Rom 5:21)
Grace - reigning through Righteousness (verse Rom 5:21)



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