Things not mentioned in James.

Jam 2:14-26; Heb 11:17-19,31; Gen 22:12-18; Jos 2:11-14.

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John Farley
November 27, 2016

Practical Christianity:

Things not mentioned in James

and works.

When James talks about faith, he is referring to our faith as it is practiced in our daily lives after salvation.

James addresses faith in the realm of practical daily living.
NOT for redemption or eternal life.

For now, let’s simply observe the context when faith or believing is mentioned in JAM 2:14-26.

JAM 2:14-17

In verse 14-17, faith is mentioned in the context of a brother or a sister in need.

James asks, “what use is that?”
And the answer is: no use at all!

The context for faith and works here has to do with practical daily living.

What believers say, what they do, and the needs of others.

JAM 2:18-26

Two people provide the context for faith in JAM 2:18-26. They are Abraham, and Rahab the harlot.

Abraham offering up his son Isaac on the altar.

Rahab receiving the messengers and sending them out by another way.

They trusted in Yahweh to come through for them concerning a need they had for their earthly life.

In Abraham’s case, it was his son Isaac who was facing death.

HEB 11:17-19

This historical event is documented in detail in the book of Genesis chapter 22.

Abraham believed that God would preserve his heir, Isaac.

He believed God’s promise which God issued back in Genesis chapter 15.

In Genesis 15, Abram simply believed in the Lord.

In Genesis 22, Abraham believed that the Lord would provide for him in an impossible situation.

And on the basis of that faith, Abraham took action.
He obeyed God.

Faith was working with Abraham’s works.

Genesis 22:12

The Lord knows a man fears God when that man acts in obedience to the Lord.

Genesis 15 is about the Lord’s promise.

Genesis 22 is about Abraham’s obedience on the basis of faith.

GEN 22:15-18

What the Lord promised Abram on the basis of faith in Genesis 15,…

He now blesses Abraham with in a greatly enlarged measure in Genesis 22,

on the basis of what Abraham DID, because Abraham OBEYED the voice of the Lord.

And these blessings are all earthly in nature.


Eternal Life


The death of our Lord Jesus
His burial
The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

The blood of Christ
In Christ

They are not found anywhere in the letter of James.


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