Why all the fuss about the tongue?

Jam 3:1-14; Jam 1:13-14, 19-20,26-27; Jam 2:1-4, 12-21; Jam 4:1-3, 11-17; Jam 5:9,12; Mat 5:21-25, 33-37.

PRCHR-87-170205 - length: 69:07 - taught on Feb, 5 2017

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John Farley
February 5, 2017



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Practical Christianity:

Why all the fuss about the tongue?

JAM 3:1-12

The tongue is a major big deal in the letter of James.

Now in our passage JAM 3:1-12, James uses nine different images to describe the tongue.

The biggest trouble with most of the people James is writing to comes down to what they SAY.

Let’s go back to James 1 and see how the tongue is at the root of many of the problems raised in the letter.

JAM 1:13-14
JAM 1:19-20
JAM 1:26-27

JAM 2:1-4
JAM 2:12-13

Sometimes by opening up your mouth and saying the wrong thing, you have passed up your opportunity to act correctly.

We forestall our opportunity to do the right thing by saying the wrong thing.

We tend to see overt sins and sins of the tongue as separate and distinct.

James reveals that they are connected.

JAM 2:14-21

JAM 3:13-14

Here again we see this choice between good behavior on the one hand, and bad speech (lying) on the other.

It’s because of what’s in our heart.