The mouth speaks of that which fills the heart.

Jam 3:1-14; Jam 4:1-3, 11-17; Jam 5:9,12; Mat 5:21-37; Jam 1:19-20; Eph 4:29-5:2; Mat 12:33-37.

PRCHR-88-170212 - length: 65:11 - taught on Feb, 12 2017

Class Outline:

John Farley
February 12, 2017

Practical Christianity:

The mouth speaks of that which fills the heart

JAM 3:1-12

JAM 3:13-14

Here again we see this choice between good behavior on the one hand, and bad speech (lying) on the other.

It’s because of what’s in our heart.

The one thing that’s at the heart of everything in James is the heart itself.

Blessed are the pure in heart.

When you have a pure heart about something, you will have proper conduct.

When you have an impure heart about something, not only will you have improper conduct …

… but it will also poison what you say.

JAM 4:1-3

The source is our lusts, our wrong desires, our envy. Having a bad heart.

JAM 4:11-12
JAM 4:13-17

The source of this boastful speech is arrogance in the heart.

JAM 5:9

JAM 5:12

This sounds just like what Jesus taught the disciples in the Sermon on the Mount.

MAT 5:33-37

The tongue and its potential for evil are also a major big deal for Jesus and for Paul.

MAT 5:21-25

JAM 1:19-20

If you want to be the friend of the Lord, learn to control your tongue.

Loving somebody includes things that you do for them, and things that you don’t do against them!

When it comes to the sins of the tongue, the root of the matter is a lack of love.

Gossip. Maligning. Insults. Put downs. Threats. Curses.

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