The Resurrection : Perfect.

Rom 6:3-4; 4:20-5:2; Eph 2:4-7; Php 3:7-14; 2Co 1:8-10; 4:7-12; Col 3:1-4; Eph 1:3-23; Col 1:15-20; 1Co 15:20-28.

SPEC-52-170416 - length: 76:15 - taught on Apr, 16 2017

Class Outline:

John Farley
April 16, 2017

He is Risen!

The Resurrection: Perfect

The narrative of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is primarily evangelical.

Finished in the past,
being completed now,
consummated in the future.

The Resurrection: perfect.

The perfect tense is used when an action has concluded, but the results of the action are still in existence.

As Christians,
we are also called
to look AHEAD,
and to look UP.

The gospel message to the unbeliever ends with the resurrection of Christ.

The life of a believer begins with the resurrection of Christ.

Were you there?

In the historical sense of that question, the answer, obviously,
is no.

But in another, more real sense, you and I WERE there.

We were there because we were placed there by God by means of the baptism of the Spirit.

We were there also because Jesus died and rose FOR US.

ROM 6:3-4

ROM 4:20-25 - ROM 5:1-2

The past, present and future are all covered.

Past: justified
Present: grace & peace Future: hope of the glory of God.

EPH 2:4-7

The resurrection of Christ transforms our lives during our days on this earth.

The power of His resurrection operates in the lives of believers. 

PHI 3:7-14

The power of His resurrection operates in our lives when we face situations of death.

2CO 1:8-10

The power of His resurrection brings life out of death.

2CO 4:7-12

The resurrection is for you today, and for your tomorrow also.

And the resurrection of Christ is also for - forever.

COL 3:1-4

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the defining event in God the Father’s design to reconcile all things to Himself.

We do look forward to the sure hope of being resurrected ourselves.

Yet, the most profound results of Christ’s resurrection have to do with what it accomplishes for God.

EPH 1:3-23

COL 1:15-20

The Resurrection: perfect.

Its power transforms our lives.

Its impact will extend all the way to the consummation of the ages-

-when God the Father will have defeated all His enemies.

1CO 15:20-28

The Resurrection is perfect: in the past, now, and forever.