Be patient until the coming of the Lord.

Jam 5:7-12; Psa 37:7-11; Joe 2:30-3:3; Mat 25:31-33; Eze 20:33-38; Hos 6:3; Zec 9:14-10:1; Mat 24:29-33.

PRCHR-98-170528 - length: 67:14 - taught on May, 28 2017

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John Farley
May 28, 2017

Practical Christianity:

Be patient until the coming of the Lord

The two great themes of James in his final exhortation are patience, and prayer.

JAM 5:7-12

Be patient, brethren.

James has now turned his attention from the wicked rich to the believers in his congregation.

The Greek word for “be patient” conveys the sense of being forbearing with those who are hostile to you.  

“Therefore” is a connecting word.
It connects what has come before to what is coming next.

“Therefore” means that what follows is the conclusion of the matter he previously addressed. 

PSA 37:7-11

James is urging his congregation to be patient until the Lord comes, …

….because at that time their persecutors will be dealt with by the Lord, the Great Judge.

James is also reminding the brethren that they too will come before the Judge when He returns.

sins of the tongue: complaining against one another (in verse 9),
and swearing an oath (verse 12).

The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ at the conclusion of the Tribulation.

At that time the Lord Jesus Christ will conduct two separate judgments.

The first judgment will be the judgment of the Gentiles (“nations”).

JOE 2:30-32 - JOE 3:1-3

Our Lord Jesus Christ describes this judgment of the nations in Matthew 25:31-46.

MAT 25:31-33

The second judgment will be the judgment of Israel.

EZE 20:33-38

In chapter 5, James points to both judgments, each of which will occur at the coming of the Lord.

JAM 5:3, JAM 5:7-9