Galatians - Week 15

STUDYGUIDE-102-170525 - length: 60:00 - taught on May, 25 2017

Class Outline:

Informal Bible Study

Thursday May 25, 2017

  1. Pray
  2. General questions
  3. Applying the message(s) of Galatians to our lives.
    1. Handout:  Questions for application
  4. Creative expressions of what Galatians means to you.
  5. What next?
    1. Ehpesians
  6. Close
  7. Group prayer session

Galatian Medley

Crucified with Christ

I’m crucified with Christ
Therefore I no longer live
Jesus Christ now lives in  me


Father Abraham had many sons

Father Abraham had many sons,
Many sons had Father Abraham
I am one of them and so are you
So let’s all praise the Lord


Freedom song

I will sing my God of Your great love
Telling of the One who has saved my soul
I will shout it out to the mountain tops that
You’re my Freedom Song, You’re my Freedom Song


Shower the people

Shower the people you love with love
Show them the way that you feel
Everything will be much better
If you only will


It’s still the cross

Give me Jesus
Give me Jesus, Give me Jesus
You can have this whole world
Give me Jesus