The Robbers

Col 2:2-3:4; Rom 7:7-8; Luk 18:9-14; Mat 23:23-24; Mat 12:1-14; Jam 3:13-17; Joh 18:37-38; Joh 14:6 .

COL-3-170806 - length: 66:51 - taught on Aug, 6 2017

Class Outline:

John Farley
August 6, 2017

Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same.

Today, Chosen People Ministries serves in sixteen countries across the globe. Their outreach programs include evangelism and discipleship,

Messianic Centers and congregations, equipping the local church for Jewish evangelism, print and web publications, and benevolence work.

With your help, they will continue proclaiming the Good News through Jesus the Messiah to Jewish people around the world.

Rich Freeman will be joining us on Sunday August 20.


The robbers

COL 2:6

COL 2:8-23 - COL 3:1-4

Paul asks the Colossians
one question
in this letter.

This question indicates where his concern reached a fever pitch.

COL 2:20-23

1. They don’t work. They are of no value against fleshly indulgence.

What is of great value against fleshly indulgence?

The real danger here is that the deceptive practices will eclipse the real deal of Christ and walking in Him.

ROM 7:7-8

LUK 18:9-14