Ephesians - Week 8

STUDYGUIDE-108-170803 - length: 60:00 - taught on Aug, 3 2017

Class Outline:

Informal Bible Study

Thursday August 3, 2017

  1. Pray
  2. Warm up:  Ephesians 4:1 is the headline for the second half of the book of Ephesians.  The Greek word for “calling” means invitation to experience of special privilege and responsibility.  What does the rest of the letter tell us about this invitation?
  3. Completing our information pool.
    1. Handout:   High level outline of Ephesians
    2. Handout:   The Saints at Ephesus:  Points for Discussion
    3. Handout:   concordance search for “Ephesus”
  4. Workshop on your selections for one thing that is emphasized or repeated in Ephesians. 
    1. What did you choose? What passages mention it? 
    2. What did you learn about it?
    3. Handout:   Summary of Things Emphasized and Things Repeated
  5. Assignment:
    1.  Read the epistle to the saints who are at Ephesus  in its entirety 4 times between now and our next Bible study on August 10th.                    
    2. Write down any passages that are puzzling, hard to pin down.
  6. Close
  7. Group prayer session