How great is the darkness.

Col 2:1-10; 1Ti 3:14-15; Joh 14:6; 17:17;Isa 5:20-23; Mat 6:22-23; Ecc 1:1-18.

COL-10-171015 - length: 63:00 - taught on Oct, 15 2017

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 15, 2017

The direct mission of Grace Bible Church Pakistan is to serve a flock of Christians in Arifwala, Pakistan. 

The ministry also sends teams of two men to the villages to serve Christian families living in remote areas.

Grace Academy English Medium School educates over 175 extremely poor children as a grace ministry. 

GBC Pakistan also has their 3:16 Children's Home for orphans.

Finally, they distribute printed Biblical material in the Urdu language.

GBC Pakistan:

8th Annual Christmas Care Packages kickoff


Village Package - $ 5

Student Package - $ 12

Cash, or check made out to Lighthouse Bible Church

Note on envelope or check:
“Christmas Pakistan”

Holiday schedule:

Thanksgiving: celebrate on Sunday Nov 19.
no Thursday Bible study.

Christmas eve service Sunday morning Dec 24; New year’s eve service Sunday morning Dec 31; both regular time -
10 AM

regular Bible study Thursday Dec 28

How great is the darkness

COL 2:1-10

1TI 3:14-15

The church of the living God is
the pillar and support of the truth.


Truth is constructed by people based on their experiences.

JOH 14:6
JOH 17:17

Truth is not constructed by the arguments of man.

Truth comes from God.
It’s embodied in Christ.

And truth is revealed in the Bible, the word of God.

Since every person or group has different experiences, then every person or group has their own truth.

Post-modernism is a reaction against modernism.

Modern: The human mind, unaided by God’s revelation, can discover objective truth.

Post- Modern: Objective truth is OUT; experiences are IN.




Post-modernism is skeptical, pessimistic, uncertain, and suspicious.

It knows what it is against: objective truth, authority, reason, absolutes, standards of right and wrong..

But it has no coherent idea, no agreement, about what it is for.

ISA 5:20-23

MAT 6:22-23

The Bible captured the post-modern view thousands of years ago - in the book of Ecclesiastes.

ECC 1:1-18