Cultivating an attitude of thanksgiving.

Col 1:3-12; Psa 100; Col 3:12-17; 4:2-6; Php 4:4-9; 1Th 5:16-18; Col 3:1-4; 2:13-15

SPEC-56-171119 - length: 63:28 - taught on Nov, 19 2017

Class Outline:

John Farley
November 19, 2017

Cultivating an attitude of Thanksgiving

COL 1:3-12

William Bradford “Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647”

PSA 100:1-5

The name of the Lord
His deeds among the peoples
That He is good

That His lovingkindness is everlasting
His righteousness
His wonders
His lovingkindness

Answering their cries
Being their salvation
His righteous judgments and ordinances

For bringing their soul out of prison
For turning away His anger and comforting them

His faithfulness

COL 3:12-17
PHI 4:4-7
COL 4:2-6

An attitude of thanksgiving.

1TH 5:16-18

How can we possibly give thanks in those days?

The problem lies in our tendency to dwell on the evil and the pain and the unfairness of them.


Face Christ instead!

Don’t dwell on these things.
Dwell on His word instead.

COL 3:1-4

For God’s love and grace, for one another, and for Christ, and for the victory He secured for us at the cross.

By letting the word of Christ richly dwell within us.

PHI 4:8-9

Practice these things, recall them to mind, in all kinds of situations - happy, sad, boring, disastrous.

EPH 1:3-8
ROM 3:21-26
ROM 8:1-2

COL 2:13-15

Practice practice PRACTICE!

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.


No Bible study this Thursday as we celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!