Because of the hope.

Col 1:3-8; Eph 2:12-13; 1Co 7:10-11; Eph 5:22-6:4; 2Co 1:8-10; 1Ti 1:1; 4:10; Rom 5:1-5; 1Co 13:4-7, 13; Col 1:25-29.

COL-32-180408 - length: 71:25 - taught on Apr, 8 2018

Class Outline:

John Farley
April 8, 2018

The direct mission of Grace Bible Church Pakistan is to serve a flock of Christians in Arifwala, Pakistan. 

The ministry also sends teams of two men to the villages to serve Christian families living in remote areas.

Grace Academy English Medium School educates over 175 extremely poor children as a grace ministry. 

  GBC Pakistan also has their 3:16 Children's Home for orphans.

Finally, they distribute printed Biblical material in the Urdu language.

• Church/School Building
• Land next to Church Property

• Missions in Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Australia
• Church Planting in Villages


Because of the hope


COL 1:3-8

The great hope of being presented complete in Christ by attaining the true knowledge of God’s mystery: Christ.

First, he is thankful for what he has heard about the saints at Colossae. Three words - faith, love, and hope.

Second, he is thankful for the progress of the gospel, the message of hope.

Quite simply, there is a plague of hopelessness afflicting our nation.

And this plague of hopelessness is hitting our young people with unusual ferocity.

They cannot understand why there is such an undercurrent of hopelessness in a culture swimming in progress.

We have profound levels of discontent, depression, drug abuse, despair, addiction, and loneliness.

The real source of hopelessness in America and in the West …

…is the steep decline we have seen in belief in Christ and in the Bible.

Paul in the book of Ephesians clearly identifies the cause of hopelessness:

EPH 2:12

Separated from Christ and without God in this world.

And in the very next verse he gives the cure for this plague of hopelessness:

EPH 2:13

The blood of Christ. His perfect sacrifice on the cross for all our sins.

The blood of Christ is the only antidote to sin, death - and hopelessness.

Anyone who is without Christ, without the God of the Bible - has no hope, ultimately.

A lot of the hopelessness young people have comes from turmoil and instability in their family life.

We could put a huge dent in that hopelessness by living in accordance with two Biblical passages.

1CO 7:10-11
EPH 5:22-6:4

Fathers who bring their children up in the Lord lead provide them with the one enduring hope in this world.

The hope of the gospel.