'Fake & Take' got beat out by 'Give and Live'

Luk 15:11-24

ROMANS-113-100613 - length: 81:25 - taught on Jun, 13 2010

Class Outline:

John Farley
June 13, 2010
Lord’s Supper today!

'Fake & Take' got beat out by 'Give and Live'

Repentance - metanoia - in the New Testament means a change of mind for the better.

So the man in this parable represents God the Father and the sons represent believers. Therefore, this is not a gospel message; this is a doctrinal message for born-again believers.

Each one had enough so that he was independently wealthy... and that represents the doctrine of logistical grace applied to your life.

The prodigal son accepted the blessings of the Father (as all men do who live on God’s earth),
while at the same time he turned his back upon his Father (as men do when they reject and abandon fellowship with God).

It was the son who moved away from the Father, not the Father moving away from the son.

JAM 4:8
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners [rebound]; and purify your hearts [perceive doctrine], you double-minded.

Having forsaken his Father who represents God, he can now find nothing but poverty, misery, and want.

In this state, he “attached himself”, which is the Greek verb kollao meaning “to glue or to closely unite himself” to a citizen of that foreign country which represents the devil’s children instead of God’s.

This is what the demonic earthly realm does to us. Fake and take.

On the other hand, the plan of God is to give and live.

Now, times of distress often lead to self-examination and are used by God to bring about changes or repentance in people’s lives.

Pigs were considered to be unclean animals and expressly forbidden in the Mosaic law, LEV 11:7; DEU 14:8.

2PE 2:22
It has happened to them according to the true proverb, "A dog returns to its own vomit," and, "A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire."

Self-realization of the hopeless and useless predicament of the sinful life is the first step towards true repentance.

You must realize that the seeming pleasures of the sinful life are vanishing and un-satisfying, while life with the Father is full and rich.

Whether we are worthy or unworthy doesn’t change our son-ship.

The best robe represents restoration to full experiential righteousness.

This was a signet ring representing drawing from the Father’s resources, logistical grace.

LUK 15:22.......and sandals on his feet; which means that once again you’re getting the opportunity for service and production.

The fattened calf represents fellowship in the word, feeding on divine truth or Bible doctrine.

This is the divine attitude of grace when you’re brought back into fellowship with God.