Grace / Why should I give?

1Jo 4:7-5:1; Luk 12:13-34; 1Co 16:1-2; 2Co 8:1-9:15.

SPEC-62-181028 - length: 64:39 - taught on Oct, 28 2018

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 28, 2018


Grace means God gives freely to the undeserving out of love, in view of His Son’s perfect sacrifice on the cross.

Christ’s death on the cross is the perfect and complete sacrifice for our sins, and the sins of the whole world.

We were ungodly sinners, but He declares us to be righteous in His eyes forever when we believe in Christ, God’s Son.

JOH 3:16

Salvation is the free gift of God. That’s grace!

EPH 2:8-9

While we were His enemies, Christ died for us.

ROM 5:6-8

We are justified - declared righteous - by God’s grace.

TIT 3:3-7

God’s grace is not limited to saving us.
We are under the grace of God every day of our lives.

ROM 5:1-2

God’s grace extends out to the future, to the blessed hope He has waiting for us.

TIT 2:11-14

And God will be gracing us out for all of eternity!

EPH 2:4-7


Why should I give?

So why, exactly, should I give???

Tithing was for subjects…not sons.

Tithing was a system of taxation for the nation of Israel.

Under the Law of Moses, the tithe was God’s method of providing support for the Levites and the priests.

It also provided for the welfare of the poor, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow.

These books were written to Israel,
not to the church.

LEV 27:30-32 NUM 18:21-32

DEU 12:5-18; DEU 14:22-29; DEU 26:12-15.

We don’t give in order to be blessed; we give because we have already been blessed.

Are Christians required to tithe?

Are Christians called to give?


But giving by its very nature is gracious -
or at least it ought to be!

You give because you are a giver.

He gave us His Son because He is a giver.

It’s love.

We are called by God to give, freely and cheerfully and generously.

Out of that same love.

1JO 4:7-5:1

So our giving reveals how we love -
and who we love.

LUK 12:33-34