Lunacy, Lies…and Love.

Col 2:4-8, 18-23; 3:12-14; 2Co 11:3-4; Tit 3:8-9; John 15:12; Rom 13:8-10; 16:1-12; Gal 5:13-14; 6:2,9-10; Tit 3:14.

COL-61-181216 - length: 65:28 - taught on Dec, 16 2018

Class Outline:

John Farley
December 16, 2018


Lunacy, Lies…. and Love.

This title describes three kinds of churches that are around today.

The church of love is sober-minded.

And the church of love preaches the gospel and teaches the Bible.

The church of lunacy is the church that condones a lot of hocus-pocus.

COL 2:18-23

This church has leaders who promote false philosophies, deceptive arguments,

legalism, and wrangling about words (splitting hairs).

“Calvinistic, charismatic, complementarian, Christian hedonist, amillennial, credo-baptistic…

Well, I am a sinner saved by the blood of Christ. (largest word is 6 letters).

They teach one of three kinds of lies in particular: another Jesus, another Spirit, or another gospel.

2CO 11:3-4

These congregations fall for every wind of doctrine: every fad, every new book, every charismatic speaker.

They worship a man or a creed rather than Christ.

COL 2:4-8

TIT 3:8-9

Get us all wrapped up in the foolishness and silliness, the toxic and trivial, …

…so that we never get around to doing what our Father has asked us to do.

JOH 15:12

And yes, there are many commands in the New Testament letters, but they can all be summed up in one word: love.

ROM 13:8-10

COL 3:12-14


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