Our Christmas Family.

Gen 3:15; 22:18; 1Ch 17:11-14; Luk 1:26-37; Gal 3:16, 26-28;4:4-5; Rom 1:1-4; 3:21-25; Heb 2:14-15; 1Co 15:13-4; Eph 2;19; 5:1-2.

SPEC-65-181223 - length: 73:07 - taught on Dec, 23 2018

Class Outline:

Lighthouse Bible Church
Christmas Special
December 23, 2018

Our Christmas family

Christmas is the one day when people need to be with their family.


But she’ll be home for Christmas this year!

Real life is often nothing like those Hallmark specials.

For many people, this Christmas will be a sad time. A difficult time.

This year, it’s even bleak in Paradise.


A family for Christmas.

A complete, joyful, loving family.

The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ brings the family together.

The Christmas story, the story of the birth of Jesus, is a story about families.

But that first family also received a great promise from the Lord when He spoke to the serpent:

GEN 3:15

And God made a promise to Abraham.

GEN 22:18

And Abraham and his descendants would turn out to be a Christmas family too.

Because God also made a promise to David:

1CH 17:11-14

That first Christmas is really a story about families.

And of course the family of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.


LUK 1:26-37

God works through families.

When God brought His Son into our world, He placed Him in a family.

Not only does God work through families … God IS a family!

Christ Jesus is the promised seed of Abraham.

GAL 3:16

The Lord Jesus Christ is the promised descendant of David.

ROM 1:1-4

And our Lord Jesus Christ is the promised seed of Adam’s woman.

HEB 2:14-15

1CO 15:3-4

ROM 3:21-25

If you are a believer in Christ, you are a member of this family.

EPH 2:19

GAL 3:26-28

One family in Christ Jesus.
A family for Christmas.

GAL 4:4-5

Christ was born on Christmas so we could become adopted members of God’s family.

Everyone can become part of the family through simple faith in Christ.

It’s a gift - the greatest of all gifts given at Christmas.

God has given us a wonderful family for Christmas. Our Christmas family.

EPH 5:1-2