Board of Elders, AD 54, Corinth.

1Co 1:3-2:2; 15:3-4, 20-23; 2Ti 4:1-2.

1COR-2-190310 - length: 69:52 - taught on Mar, 10 2019

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John Farley
March 10, 2019


Board of elders,
AD 54, Corinth

1CO 1:1-11

 Quite simply, then, he is writing to the believers in Corinth.

“so-called brother”
(1CO 5:11) expresses doubt whether he is a believer.

when Paul writes “you”, he is referring to the saints.

Verse 8 refers to the Rapture of the church.

He will have some shocking things to say about these people.

Sinful behavior is not an indication that a person is not saved.

“Infants in Christ” is what Paul calls them in chapter 3.

They are believers who will be blameless in the day of Christ Jesus!!!

Paul wrote 1 Corinthians (1) to deal with the troubling things that had been reported to him,

and (2) to answer the questions that the Corinthian assembly had posed to him.

In chapters 1-6, Paul deals with the problems that were reported to him.

1CO 5:1-2

In chapters 7-16, Paul answers the questions that the church at Corinth had asked him.

The Corinthians sought to justify their bad behavior by asking these questions.

They were pushing back on these things, challenging Paul and his authority as an apostle.

“I have this friend who…..”

1CO 11:17-18

2TI 4:1-2

1CO 4:21
What do you desire? Shall I come to you with a rod, or with love and a spirit of gentleness?

Reproving and rebuking come before exhortation and instruction.

Because you are not ready for instruction until you get your head on straight!

The solutions are rooted in Christ, in the power of His cross and resurrection.

1CO 15:3-4

Paul goes back to the cross again and again as the corrective to fleshly behavior.

1CO 1:22-25
1CO 2:1-2

He presents the resurrection as their hope - to inspire them to be united, and to behave properly.

1CO 15:20-23

Look back to the cross.
Then look forward to the Rapture.