The foolishness of God.

1Co 1:25-2:5; 1Co 1:21; Isa 40:3-8; Jer 9:23-24; Gal 5:24-25; 6:12-14.

1COR-6-190407 - length: 65:43 - taught on Apr, 7 2019

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John Farley
April 7, 2019

Grace Prison Ministries

Grace Prison Ministries works to change the lives of prisoners through evangelism and sound Bible teaching.

GPM visits jails, prisons, and youth detention centers.

GPM presents the simple grace gospel of Jesus Christ and the procedures for living the Christian life. 

To restore the lives of the scorned and rejected through the love, hope, and forgiveness found only in Christ. 


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Outreach-Sunday April 14

Resurrection Sunday, April 21


Barah Ministries Conference Sunday April 28

Pastor Kingsley May 5


We preach Christ crucified

1CO 1:25 through 2:5

In 1CO 1:18 through 2:5, the foolishness of God is demonstrated in three different ways - one per paragraph.

Chapter 1 verses 18-25 present the foolishness of God in the word of the cross - the message preached.

Chapter 1 verses 26-31 show God’s foolishness in the people He called to hear and believe the message.

In Chapter 2 verses 1-5, we see God’s foolishness, in the preacher he called to preach the message of the cross to these foolish people.

The message,
the hearers,
and the messenger.

God allowed Himself to look like a fool in the eyes of the world in order to save us from our sins.

  But who is the real fool?

  The loving God who “foolishly” saves sinners?

  or the perishing world who can’t see that their only hope is the crucified Jesus!

 God calls saints
to fulfill His purpose for them.

It is not said here that God has chosen the foolish to be saved, and the wise to go to the Lake of Fire.

God chooses His saints - the ones who believe - for a great purpose.

An earlier passage does talk about salvation. What does it say?

1CO 1:21

Those who believe the message of the cross are the ones that God saves.

Wise or foolish, powerful or weak, well-connected or disconnected.
Simply believe.

We all share the purpose of being conformed to the image of His Son.

But congregations and saints are also called to God’s purposes for us on earth.

But why did God choose this bunch of misfits?

To bring to nothing those who think that
they are on top
of the world.

ISA 40:3-8

What was the reason that God called these stragglers to be in this congregation at that time and place?

So that NO MAN - wise or foolish

mighty or weak

noble or nobody

The only thing we are left to boast about is that by God’s doing we are in Christ Jesus.

His cross revealed God’s wisdom.

He who was sinless God made bear our sins on the cross so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

God enabled our sanctification
by crucifying our
old man with Christ.

And we have been redeemed by His blood.

JER 9:23-24

And the world scoffed at Him. “These people don’t belong on the same field with us.”

Watch them shock the world!

How do you and I
fit into this picture?

They have no wisdom of their own, so they soak up God’s.

They have no power of their own, so they rely on God’s.

They have no one telling them how great they are, so they happily take their identity from who they are in Christ.

Don’t freak out when you finally realize that you’ve been a fool in God’s eyes!

And don’t strive to be well-known, even in Christian circles.

1CO 2:1-5

He didn’t come to persuade anybody;
he came to demonstrate God’s power to everybody.