Be imitators of me.

1Co 4:14-21;11:1; Eph 6:4; Col 1:9-12, 28-29; 2Th 3:7-10; Joh 13:12-17;10:14-15; 15:12-13; Isa 45:2; 1Th 1:5-7; Luk 22:28-30; 6:12-13; Php 3:17; 2Co 1:8-10.

1COR-12-190526 - length: 71:57 - taught on May, 26 2019

Class Outline:

John Farley
May 26, 2019

Be imitators of me

1CO 4:14-21

Whereas before he was biting and sarcastic, now he becomes fatherly and loving.

Paul is admonishing (warning) the saints in Corinth to accept him as the spiritual father he is,

and he is exhorting the saints imitate him by adopting his way of life.

His purpose has not been to make them feel ashamed of themselves.

EPH 6:4

Warn their children - and discipline them if necessary - before they do something that will really harm them.

1CO 4:15-16

The Greek word for “tutors” here is paidagogos.

It literally meant “boy-keeper”.

So it means one who has responsibility for someone who needs guidance; ie, a guardian or governor.


The paidagogos was not the instructor of the child; he exercised a general supervision over him,

and was responsible for his moral and physical well-being.

The comparison here is between Paul as the father and others as guardians.

Observe how your father lives his life, and do likewise.

A good leader is not somebody who just shouts out orders and deals out arbitrary punishments.

What can we learn from Paul and Jesus about leadership?


First and foremost, a good leader is a good follower of his own commanding officer.

In Paul’s case - as in ours - that officer is our Lord Jesus Christ.

1CO 11:1


Second, an excellent leader is an excellent teacher.

1CO 4:17

COL 1:28-29


Third, a good leader serves as a good
role model for those under his authority.

2TH 3:7-10

A good officer will never order a soldier to do something that he is not willing to do (and has done) himself.

His ways match his teaching. He is not a hypocrite.

JOH 13:12-17

A real leader goes into battle first, at the head of his troops.

ISA 45:2


Fourth, great leaders produce other great leaders.

1TH 1:5-7

This is what the greatest leader of all time did:

LUK 22:28-30

PHI 3:17

Paul will send them Timothy so that they might observe one who walked according to the pattern of Paul.

1CO 4:16-17

And Timothy would one day do the same thing himself - he’d pass the torch.

2TI 2:1-4


Fifth, a great leader is the servant of those who are in his or her charge. He sacrifices and suffers for their sake.

COL 1:24

MAR 10:42-45

JOH 10:14-15


Sixth, a great leader loves his team.

JOH 15:12-13

1CO 4:18-21


Seventh, a noble leader realizes that he is weak, and must rely on the Lord to be his strength.

2CO 1:8-10


This means that great leaders are mighty in prayer.

LUK 6:12-13

COL 1:9-12