Why not rather be wronged?

1Co 6:1-11; 1:26-31; 2:14-16;13:4-7; Jam 2:1-7; Php 2:1-5; 1Pe 2:21-24; Eph 5:1-2; Col 3:12-14.

1COR-14-190609 - length: 62:00 - taught on Jun, 9 2019

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John Farley
June 9, 2019


Why not rather be wronged?

1CO 6:1-11

We are members one of another. We are God’s family.

There are certain things that brothers or sisters should never do to each other.

But the larger problem is that they do not know who they are.

If they had, they would not be dragging any of the brethren before unbelieving magistrates to press their case against him.

The least member is a better choice than the most prominent judge in Corinth when it comes to resolving conflicts in the church.

1CO 1:26-31

It makes no sense to bring a case against a brother before an unbeliever whose so-called wisdom is really foolishness in God’s eyes.

1CO 6:1-4

Evidently, the dispute was about money or property.

Paul is upset because they are not behaving like a loving family of saints.

What was it like to be a party to a lawsuit in a Roman civil court at that time ?

The civil courts were biased in favor of the rich and powerful.

It was so blatant and unfair that the poor and powerless almost never even bothered to bring a case against their rich social betters.

The overwhelming majority of civil cases were brought by the wealthy against the poor.

That kind of thing would really tear apart the church.

“Do you not know” appears six times in chapter 6.

The Corinthians should have known better than to behave that way.

1 Cor 6:4 If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. KJV

You’re all talk. You go around saying how wise you all are.

But when it comes down to doing something that requires wisdom, you all shrink away.

1CO 2:14-16

“appraised” here means to make a judgment on the basis of careful and detailed information.

Would you rather sue another Christian in court than allow a mature Christian to decide your case?

1CO 6:7-8

The plaintiff would work to destroy the reputation of the defendant.

They were judge shopping as it were.

They figured they had a much better chance of winning before the unrighteous judge…

…than they would if a simple believer were to judge the case.

JAM 2:1-7

Paul appeals to them to get out of the mud and start behaving like the saints God has made them to be.

1CO 6:7

PHI 2:1-5

Instead of selfishly fighting for what you think is yours,

be willing to lose out rather than hurt your brother or sister in Christ or destroy the unity of the body.

1PE 2:21-24

That’s what the love of God is all about.

1CO 13:4-7

EPH 5:1-2

We should not sue to collect a debt from our brother who cannot repay us.

We are called to forgive the debts of that brother.
Just as God in Christ also has forgiven us.

COL 3:12-14