Glorify God in your body.

1Co 6:9-20; 1Jo 1:7; 2Th 2:13-14; Rom 3:21-24; 4:5; 12:1-2; 1Pe 5:10-11.

1COR-15-190616 - length: 67:24 - taught on Jun, 16 2019

Class Outline:

John Farley
June 16, 2019

Glorify God in your body

1CO 6:9-20

The Corinthians were involved in some salacious and shocking sins.

That is not, however, where God wants us to go.

The more we learn about God’s standards for life, the more material we have with which to condemn ourselves and others.

He’s happy that we care about what His word says about these things.

He wants us to agree with His ideals.

But with the power of His word and the Holy Spirit, we will keep getting closer and closer.

The Corinthians had no clue what God’s word had to say about their behavior.

As a result, they were involved in all sorts of wickedness.

The unrighteous - unbelievers - will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Our focus ought to be on verse 11.

some of you.

Because God did something about you.

Find out what He has done about it!

1JO 1:7

We have been washed clean of all of our sin by the blood of Jesus, God’s Son.

2TH 2:13-14

We have been sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

ROM 3:21-24

And we have been justified as a gift by God’s grace.

ROM 4:5

1CO 6:12-17

Paul says that all THINGS are lawful for him. In other words, everything in God’s creation.

Not all kinds of behavior! Not adultery or theft. THINGS.

A deck of cards is lawful, but losing your house to pay off gambling debts is not profitable!

The body is the Lord’s! And it does have eternal, lasting value.

He will make our bodies glorious again when He raises us up through His power.

And the Lord is for the body. That is why we are indwelt by the Spirit and why Christ dwells in us.

Our bodies are also members of Christ.

He brings the subject of consorting with prostitutes right up against the fact that our bodies are members of Christ.

To get them to realize just how wrong their behavior is!  

It’s not just a little harmless fun anymore… is it?

We thought it was “harmless fun”. Until God’s word showed us what it really was.

He does it to teach us, so we’ll change our minds about bad behavior by seeing it the way He sees it.

ROM 12:1-2

Sex between a husband and wife is good and acceptable and perfect.

Refraining from suing a brother is good and acceptable and perfect.

1CO 6:18-20

GLORIFY God in our body. After all, it really is a member of the body of Christ now.

The right thing to do with God’s possession is to have it become a reflection of His goodness and righteousness and love.

1PE 5:10-11