Remain in the condition in which you were called.

1Co 7:10-24; 1Pe 3:1-2; Gal 2:3-4; 3:26-29; 5:6.

1COR-18-190707 - length: 73:03 - taught on Jul, 7 2019

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John Farley
July 7, 2019


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Remain in the condition in which you were called

1CO 7:10-24

Verses 10-11: married Christians divorcing

Verses 12-16 “mixed” marriages breaking up (believer with unbeliever)

Verse 17: Main point
Verses 18-19: circumcision
Verse 20: Main point
Verses 21-23: slave/free
Verse 24: Main point

Guilt and legalism
are two sides of the same coin.

A legalistic person will be full of guilt. Why? Because we know more about our own sins than about any other person’s sins.

What came before? The subject of celibacy.

What comes after?
The principle of remaining in the condition in which you were called.

Many people in the church at Corinth were about to bail out of the condition in which they were called!

“We’re better,
and you need to be like us.”

God doesn’t want us to change our situation in order to please Him.

He’ll work with us just the way we are.

Another thing that was causing these marital breakups had to do with wives who took their liberty in Christ too far.

The subject of Christian couples splitting up gets two verses.

Lawsuits - 8 verse
Man who had his father’s wife - 13 verses
Divisions - 4 chapters

Second, no warnings or punishments are given.

This calls into question the practice of exercising church discipline on the divorced and remarried.

Jesus calls it adultery in MAR 10:11-12.

These verses (12 - 16) instruct Christians who are married to unbelievers.

If a Christian is married to an unbeliever, and that unbeliever wishes to stay married, then stay married.

Perhaps that unbelieving husband or wife will be brought to Christ by your loving, gracious, respectful behavior.

1PE 3:1-2

1CO 7:17

Whatever your marital status was when you were saved, that is where the Lord has put you. Don’t try to change it.

1CO 7:18-20

Circumcision was required of male Jews under the Law. It was an outward sign of an inward faith.

GAL 5:6

1CO 7:20

Just as Paul earlier told the church not to make baptism an issue, here he tells us not to make circumcision an issue.

Finally, Paul addresses the issue of servitude.

1CO 7:21-24

The entrepreneurs thought little of the slaves.

GAL 2:3-4

GAL 3:26-29