Who serves as a soldier at his own expense?

1Co 8:13; 9:1-14; 4:9-13; Php 2:3-4; 1Ti 5:17-18; 2Ti 2:3-6; Eph 3:5.

1COR-21-190728 - length: 63:38 - taught on Jul, 28 2019

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John Farley
July 28, 2019


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Who serves as a soldier at his own expense?


1CO 9:1-14

the eating of things sacrificed to idols.

Our love for God and our love for one another will cause us to give up our rights and suspend our freedoms at times.

Don’t just listen to what I tell you; see it in action in my life.

I encourage you to read chapters 8, 9, and 10, as well as verse 1 of chapter 11.

1CO 8:13

PHI 2:3-4

Our rights must give way to the needs of others.

1CO 9:1-2

Paul is going to argue here from the greater to the lesser.

Since I sacrifice many things so as not to hinder the gospel, you can certainly sacrifice one thing to benefit your brother.

To them it was shameful that their apostle was working with his hands.

1CO 4:9-13

Now to a status-conscious Corinthian, this was a real problem.



1CO 9:1-7

You see, YOU are the proof that I am an apostle!

Then in verses 3-7, he continues to use the technique of asking questions.

Verses 3 through 14 are all about one thing: Paul’s right as an apostle to have all his financial needs met by the saints.

He will next use a series of illustrations, again with questions, again with one clear answer: “no one”.

Therefore, the saints have an obligation to cover his expenses.


Next, Paul appeals to the Law of Moses.

1CO 9:8-10

1TI 5:17-18

1CO 9:9b-14

2TI 2:3-6

In verse 11, he states his case in plain Greek - again in the form of a question.

1CO 9:11

EPH 3:5

Treasures in heaven are infinitely more valuable than treasures on earth.

1CO 9:12

But their first priority ought to taking care of Paul and Barnabas.

They established the church (planted) and taught them, fed them and watched over them.

He takes that right and tosses it aside!

Shock value.

Why doesn’t he exercise this right that he clearly has?

I don’t want to do anything that might turn out to be a stumbling block to someone when it comes to the gospel.

1CO 9:12-14

The other apostles and preachers were not doing anything wrong in accepting financial support.

What Paul and Barnabas did was a special sacrifice for the sake of the gospel.

Since Paul and Barnabas had given up so much for the sake of the gospel, …

…the saints should be willing to give up eating certain meat for the sake of the brethren.

“Love one another as I have loved you.”