Run in such a way that you may win.

1Co 9:13-27; Luk 7:7-10; Php 3:14; 4:1; 2Ti 4:6-8; Rom 12:1-2; 6:12-14; Gal 5:13.

1COR-22-190804 - length: 70:29 - taught on Aug, 4 2019

Class Outline:

John Farley
August 4, 2019

Summer break:
Monday August 5th through
Sunday August 11th

No Bible study on Thursday August 8th
No service Sunday August 11th

Run in such a way that you may win

1CO 9:13-27

Our love for God and one another will require us to give up our rights and freedoms at times.

Don’t just listen to what I tell you; see it in action in my life.

Since Paul and Barnabas had given up so much for the sake of the gospel, …

…the saints should be willing to give up eating certain meat for the sake of the brethren.

When he preaches the gospel, he is only doing his duty. He is after all a slave of Christ.

We would do well to adopt this same attitude toward our Christian service.

LUK 17:7-10

Paul says that if he voluntarily preaches the gospel, he has a reward. What is that reward?

1CO 9:18

Well, it all depends on what you think is rewarding.

PHI 3:14

His crown?
The churches that he had founded. The people who were saved through His preaching.

PHI 4:1

He knew that his reward would come in the future, at the end of his race.

2TI 4:6-8

1CO 9:19-23

Paul wants to win
as much as he can.

All things = social and cultural practices, like dress, language, and eating customs -

-but nothing sinful, or anything that would compromise the gospel message.

for the Jew: teaching in the synagogues on Saturdays

for the Gentile: eating a rat
(Kingsley’s story)


Everything Paul did was for the sake of the gospel.

A partner with Christ in preaching the good news.

A partner in the cross: suffering for the good of others.

Does your life have a single ultimate objective?
If so, what is it?

I do all things for the sake of __________,
so that I may become ___________.

1CO 9:24-27

Living as if there were no real battles worth fighting.
And no opponent.


You win by fighting with one objective: knock out your opponent.

Get your body in top shape to win the race or the fight.


Making our body our slave is also the key to winning our race as Christians.

We use our body to carry out our duty.

ROM 12:1-2

If you are in bondage to your flesh, how are you going to be a slave of Christ?

ROM 6:12-14

Sleep. Food. Drink. Proper clothing. A wife. Financial support. Leisure time.

We train hard for the duty that we have been called to do.

What is my duty? And what is your duty?

What additional training is needed to make our body our slave so it no longer interferes with our duty?

What fleshly lusts are we indulging? Have they become a stumbling block?

Well, WHY don’t you have the time?

Perhaps you are spending too much time indulging your desires.

Our Father may set modest goals for us at first.

To no longer eat meat sacrificed to idols.

GAL 5:13